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Last additions - Customer MDF's
Thanks to kevinlms for the picture3000 viewsShop fitters at work.

Two pics of a shop MDF in Moorabbin Vic. Note how the display stand support is right in front of the frame, making it impossible to access more than the right 30% of each Krone Strip. All the lines I needed to test were on pairs <6. I found the cover, in the storeroom 15 metres away.

I had to arrange to come back, after the stand had been partly dismantled.
MagillaJul 15, 2015
Thanks to kevinlms for the picture566 viewsCan I have my phones back? - Bayswater, Vic.

After the previous occupant had 'sent someone around to recover their
phone system'. My customer, assumed that the 'someone' was qualified to
do so & gave go ahead. The 27 way was pulled off the wall & 30 pair lead
in chopped, by labourer. Photo taken AFTER I had partly tidied it.

12 months later this lead in was dug up, because the same previous
occupant, had done a re-route of the cable 3 years prior (date on new
nearby pit), which was now only about 20mm below ground level -
backfilled over the top?. No record of where cable was, of course.
MagillaJul 15, 2015
Thanks to kevinlms for the picture434 viewsOne from a block of units in Heidleberg Victoria, showing a 'Hole in the
Wall' type MDF. Normally you expect to see a plate, wooden door or
something, but this just showed missing bricks and no evidence of it
ever been any different. The lead in cables getting short on some pairs.
There were 2 such 'MDF's', one for 8 units, the other 4 units.
MagillaJul 15, 2015
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture711 viewsThis is a brand new MDF. Whoever installed this must have thought he was doing a neat job and evened used Velcro.

Notice, things that are wrong:-
All 8 wire cables have only one pair terminated.
All 20 pair cables have only 10 pair terminated.
All jelly filled external cables come up the right side of the frame and back down the left side of the frame in the space allocated for jumper wires .
MagillaApr 05, 2015
The morning after a burglar struck.502 viewsMagillaDec 02, 2014
Thanks to straif for the picture408 viewsMagillaSep 30, 2014
Is this your MDF?426 viewsMagillaAug 24, 2014
414 viewsExtending a multi-vertical MDF (starting with vertical A).MagillaJul 20, 2014