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Last additions - Internal customer cabling & fittings
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture543 viewsHad trouble finding the MDF and phone system.
Eventually found in the false ceiling.
11 way MDF to the right and 11 way SDF to the left.
The next ceiling tile is hiding the phone system and security box plus lots of other stuff.
These all were on a wall that was demolished and the builder has tossed them into the ceiling.
This is not temporary but the finished job.
MagillaApr 05, 2015
Thanks to spidermun for the picture462 viewsTaken in a store room on the Sunshine Coast (QLD).MagillaMar 09, 2015
In the ceiling of a shop.546 viewsMagillaDec 02, 2014
Thanks to grover for the picture396 viewsTerminating Fail.

1 – plugs were not crimped at all, just pushed on.
2 – colours not in the correct order (wire mapping incorrect).
3 – no sockets at either end, just a cable poking out of a plate.
MagillaOct 19, 2014
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture425 viewsBelieve it or not there is a 16 port switch buried under all that which is nearly impossible to get to.MagillaOct 01, 2014
Thanks to matt30186 for the pictures400 viewsAtill roughly 300 more cables to come in from another penetration.MagillaSep 30, 2014
Thanks to qrc-cd99 for the pictures423 viewsIn the far north of WA some areas are infested with Singapore Ants. (They actually come from North Africa, not Singapore) The problem with these things is that they like to munch on plastic. A favourite part of their diet is the insulation used on communication and electrical wiring. They have even been known to invade parked vehicles to have a go at the wiring in a car.MagillaSep 30, 2014
Faulty filters from the manufacturer432 viewsMagillaSep 29, 2014