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FTTN compression work2921 viewsPowerpoint presentation of work done for NBN node connection to the copper access network.MagillaSep 20, 2016
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture837 viewsThis is a business premises. Currently he has 3 phone lines on his phone system and a fax which is four PSTN lines in total. He has applied to Telstra to convert his 4 x PSTN lines from copper to NBN.

NBN have come into his office and mounted 8 x Back-up power supplies, 7 x NTD's and 1 x Fibre housing. The left hand side wall has 4 x NTD's and the right hand side wall has 3 x NTD's .... all in the same room.

We are talking about a room 5m x 3m here.

He only needs 1 x NTD and power supply to connect his lines. What is their thinking.
MagillaNov 28, 2014
491 viewsBend radius of optic fibre lead-in cable exceeded.MagillaNov 08, 2014
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture480 viewsWhen we took the pit lid off this cable was kinked over at about an acute angle of 30 degrees and jammed in the pit.

It is still a working cable and has been obviously damaged while NBN were hauling in the fibre.

The area around this pit is still working on copper.
MagillaNov 05, 2014
Thanks to Assailant for the picture564 viewsMagillaAug 04, 2014
Thanks to a Whirlpool member for the picture627 viewsMagillaJun 07, 2014
Velocity lead-in710 viewsMagillaNov 24, 2013
Telstra Velocity cabinet795 viewsUnusually tidy. MagillaNov 24, 2013