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Thanks goes to sydney cable guy for the picture.610 viewsMagilla
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture775 viewsMagilla
Thanks to kevinlms for the picture425 viewsOne from a block of units in Heidleberg Victoria, showing a 'Hole in the
Wall' type MDF. Normally you expect to see a plate, wooden door or
something, but this just showed missing bricks and no evidence of it
ever been any different. The lead in cables getting short on some pairs.
There were 2 such 'MDF's', one for 8 units, the other 4 units.
Thanks to straif for the picture403 viewsMagilla
409 viewsExtending a multi-vertical MDF (starting with vertical A).Magilla
Thanks to A2A for the picture846 viewsA MDF must be installed at a building (i.e. ‘a substantial structure with a roof and walls’). An external device like this is not a valid MDF, despite the marking. Unsealed underground conduits and a non-ventilated cover provide a corrosive environment for the cable connections and a good enough reason for a carrier not connect to it. Magilla
Thanks goes to To The Point for the picture.1050 viewsMagilla
Shortcut832 viewsMagilla
Thanks to A2A for the picture987 viewsThe MDF must be fixed to a wall, floor or column. A moveable cabinet such as this doesn’t comply with S009 requirements.Magilla
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture751 viewsMagilla
Thanks to kevinlms for the picture2964 viewsShop fitters at work.

Two pics of a shop MDF in Moorabbin Vic. Note how the display stand support is right in front of the frame, making it impossible to access more than the right 30% of each Krone Strip. All the lines I needed to test were on pairs <6. I found the cover, in the storeroom 15 metres away.

I had to arrange to come back, after the stand had been partly dismantled.
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture437 viewsA bit hard to see but the Telstra person has cut the lead-in pair going to the MDF and tagged it as OK to there.

Give me strength ....
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