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Thanks to BJR Security for the picture601 viewsPatch lead cut, poked under house and joined onto 8 individual wires to extend it, then joined on other end of patch lead. (His PC showed as connected to lan, his cheap wire mapper tester showed each wire was joined OK, but speed wasn’t good. My tester showed that something wasn't right)Magilla
Thanks goes to a reader from Melbourne's outer east for the pic.592 viewsMagilla
Thanks to Pugs for the picture581 viewsMagilla
Temp wrap573 viewsNot really meant for permanent protection.Magilla
More nice work from hrdct in October '14 (part 2).573 viewsNew replacement joints (CARP)Magilla
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Thanks to kevinlms for the picture566 viewsCan I have my phones back? - Bayswater, Vic.

After the previous occupant had 'sent someone around to recover their
phone system'. My customer, assumed that the 'someone' was qualified to
do so & gave go ahead. The 27 way was pulled off the wall & 30 pair lead
in chopped, by labourer. Photo taken AFTER I had partly tidied it.

12 months later this lead in was dug up, because the same previous
occupant, had done a re-route of the cable 3 years prior (date on new
nearby pit), which was now only about 20mm below ground level -
backfilled over the top?. No record of where cable was, of course.
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In the ceiling of a shop.559 viewsMagilla
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture555 viewsHad trouble finding the MDF and phone system.
Eventually found in the false ceiling.
11 way MDF to the right and 11 way SDF to the left.
The next ceiling tile is hiding the phone system and security box plus lots of other stuff.
These all were on a wall that was demolished and the builder has tossed them into the ceiling.
This is not temporary but the finished job.
Thanks goes to Pugs for the picture.549 viewsMagilla
Thanks to Cable and Data Communications for the picture546 viewsMagilla
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